Percebe is the first and only piano software to evaluate dynamics and variations in tempo in a student's performance or practice session. Percebe perceives what is wrong with dynamics, balance, rhythm, and tempo, and displays what needs to get better.
You simply start the software, choose one of the available pieces you want to work in, and let Percebe help you in your practice.
Scores are available for pianists of all levels.
According to Malcolm Gladwell you need around 10,000 hours of practice to become a great performer. Well, we may have just begun to reduce those hours.


All other apps evaluate only wrong notes and metronomic rhythms. Also, many of them try to replace the teacher, ignoring the need for the teacher’s perception and technical expertise. We at Percebe understand the necessity of a teacher for technical and musical reasons. Percebe was designed to speed up the practicing process that every piano student goes through, by giving much deeper feedback than any other software in the world. Students playing the right notes with bad expression and dynamics get away with an A+ using any other software. Percebe though will withhold the high grades until they improve those aspects as well. We can make you a better pianist!

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We are constantly adding new music and practicing exercises.
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Dr. Pitágoras Gonçalves talks about Percebe, the first and only software to evaluate musicality! Percebe uses artistic performances and complex algorithms to evaluate students as they practice.

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Percebe, the first and only music software that evaluates dynamics, voicing, and expressive timing in a piano piece.


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