PercebeTM Piano Method
With Percebe Piano Method you can learn piano at home
Theory book
64 daily lessons practice book
Daily video instruction taught by Dr. Pitagoras
Piano app using artificial intelligence that evaluates expression such as dynamics and rubato
Teacher with a doctorate degree in Piano Performance
Priced for most people to afford

Percebe™ is the first and only piano app to evaluate variations of dynamics and variations in tempo while a student practices the piano. Percebe was designed to speed up the practicing process that every piano student goes through, by giving much deeper feedback than any other software in the world. At Percebe we want to make you a very good pianist, not just a piano operator (one who pushes buttons in the correct order).


Anyone can learn to play the piano at home with Percebe™** Piano Method

Here's what you'll learn with Percebe Virtual Piano Method:

  1. Proper piano technique
  2. How to play with expression
  3. How to read music
  4. How to play classical music, hymns, and much more

Parents can successfully guide their children with:

  1. Lesson book including 17 online video lessons per level taught by Dr. Pitagoras Goncalves
  2. Free workbook for daily guided practice with over 60 video clip examples online
  3. The only app in the world using artificial intelligence that gives feedback and grades students' progress on expression
  4. Free music included

    Students practice twenty minutes 4 days a week or forty minutes twice a week to develop what was taught during the lessons.

    Parents and other family members can participate at no extra cost

The Percebe Piano Method has two semesters each year in an overall three-year program! Percebe Piano Method has two books per level and dozens of videos lessons online. Percebe Method Book has weekly lessons, while the Deliberate Practice Book has daily practice sessions which will reinforce and solidify concepts taught during the lessons. For each lesson you have using the Percebe Method Book, you will have 4 days of deliberate practice sessions. Therefore, you will have 1 lesson per week, like you normally would with any private lesson teacher, plus 4 additional days of guided practice with videos and the app per week; and to make your life easier, you don’t need to practice on weekends!

* Music background not necessary
** MIDI enabled digital piano required to use the app, which starts after lesson 12 and will continue to give feedback in all future lessons

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Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please contact us. We would love to know what you think about Percebe.