Percebe Music is a technology company committed to enhance music skills and artful performance through its innovative computerized system and method. Percebe strives to help music students achieve their potential.

A Vision for the Future

Traditional music education typically requires students to practice playing musical instruments privately, though some practice in formal classroom settings. Students are evaluated by their teachers a one-on-one basis so that the teachers can observe students and critique their performance. In most cases, students spend a majority of time practicing on their own, and do not have opportunities to receive timely feedback, however. For this reason, it is easy for students to form bad habits that are difficult to break. Additionally, it can be difficult for teachers to detect every mistake and shortfalls of students’ performances by evaluating them in person. For example, teachers may be unable to observe all of the problems in a limited amount of time. In this way, traditional music education does not enable all teachers to provide thoughtful and detailed critique.

Percebe will evaluate a student’s performance and display messages or graphic indicators to the student providing real time and continuous feedback, thereby enabling students to detect problems while practicing by themselves. In this way, the student can make an immediate correction without the need for a teacher’s supervision and resume practicing.