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The Method:

  • Private piano teachers expect their students to follow directions in practicing each week.
  • There is no follow up and typically some meet their teacher completely unprepared!
  • Percebe Method provides a piano student daily follow up towards a successful piano learning experience!

  • You will receive two books to guide you in your lessons and in your daily practice. Both are taught on video by Dr. Pitagoras.
  • Your Percebe books will come with an individual password that will give you access to the paid content at www.percebemusic.com
  • Have your iPad or personal computer close to the piano. You will use both of them together throughout this course.
  • Start with the Percebe Piano Method book (the lesson book). This book is designed to show students, teachers, and parents the exercises and concepts that will help piano students to play the piano well. You will need an internet connection to stream the video clips teaching the concepts and to watch performances of songs and exercises.
  • Every lesson will have at least one video clip available on the website taught by Dr. Pitagoras for you to watch indicated by a play icon.
  • You can watch the videos more than once if necessary, and you can always come back and review any lesson.
  • For every lesson you learn from the Piano Method Book, you will follow with 4 days of lesson practice with the "Percebe Deliberate Practice Book" which follows the same principles with video guidance.
  • Keep in mind that the more you practice and the more you think about the ideas being taught, the better you will become! Feel free to write in our blog at www.percebemusic.com asking questions regarding the lessons.
  • Once you reach Lesson 12, you will be introduced to the Percebeā„¢ app, the most advanced piano-teaching app in the world today. Percebe will give you immediate feedback on how expressive you are when you play the piano and how accurate you are playing it.
  • To use the PercebeĀ© software, you will need to acquire a digital piano found online for as low as US$250. It needs to have 88 keys like a regular piano, preferably with a "hammer action."
  • From lesson 12 and on, you will have full access to this wonderful technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to help your piano skills grow. You will see all of the music both in the books and on your computer screen.
  • You will see streaming video demonstrations of songs and exercises, and you will practice on your digital piano connected to the software. Percebe software will suggest exactly where you need to improve and grade your performances so that you can keep track of your development.
  • Connecting the piano to the computer is very simple and uses only a USB cable. Video instruction on how to connect your piano is also available below. It is as simple as connecting an antenna cable to a TV.

How do I set up the PercebeTM app on my computer?

Watch the setup video below:

How do I change the grading levels (peer, teacher, professor)?

Log in to Percebe, open any music score and click on the right top 3 lines as shown below:

How do I calibrate my piano before using Percebe?

Click on the top right 3 lines and you will see the calibrate option. But first you need to make sure your piano is connected to Percebe. See the setup Video above.

Follow the on-screen instructions: